Dearest daughter…

Mommy is beyond sad again today. Sad always because you are not by my side, sad because I wake up to an empty house, and perpetually sad at all the future memories that were meant to be created. A lifetime of experience and a lifetime love, just a life together…..

But today I am more sad, my daughter. My heart is as heavy as it can possibly be, because like the day you left us, today once again my world came to a standstill. 

Stella, I know your friend Isaac is in heaven with you now. Like you, he was beautiful. Like you, he was strong. Just like you he was loved and is loved and forever will be loved. You’ve been in heaven for 2 months now and I’m sure you are showing Isaac the best hide and seek spots and the two of you are running in fields of gold, tubeless and free. 

We, as parents stuck on this earth feel the magnitude of your absence. We feel the weight of the choices we made because of your diagnosis. We chose what we hoped would better your lives. We rolled the dice and the dice and the medical world came up short. It isn’t fair.

My sweet daughter..I miss you. I miss Isaac. The two of you are a stunning pair up there I’m sure. We love you, our sweet children. Always and forever and until forever ends.